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What is the Healing Crisis?

In the time being as we step up the ladder of our detox journey, we start experiencing some symptoms which we name as ‘detox symptoms’ or Healing Crisis. We are only supposed to experience it when our body starts flushing out the toxins which have been accumulated by years of wrong eating.

When the body switches to the cleansing mode it starts spitting out the inherent toxins and because of it, in the period we do experience some symptoms which seems us to suspect something is going wrong. But the visible symptoms like acne, pimples are the positive sign that the body has activated its defense mechanism and your body is efficient enough to fight.

And if the kidney filtration process is halted at any stage then the healing crisis would be as intense and quick depending on individual to individual. You could experience these healing crises in physical, emotional, and mental forms.    

So here is a list of a few detox symptoms you may experience during your detox journey.

Mucus: Excess of mucus formation is the first symptom you would experience whenever you get on the detox diet. The year-long formed mucus which gets tucked in the body will start to loosen up and find its way out of the body through stool, nose, ear, and even eyes. So the next time whenever you get a cold and cough, get happy that the body is extracting its inner toxins through mucus.      

Cold & Flu: During detoxification, your body will start giving you symptoms that resemble flu, sore throat, cough, and cold. In normal conditions, we get worried and call the doctor to treat us asap. But if you know little about detox and understand your body then you may feel content as you know the system is being refreshed.

Fever: What we mean by fever? Fever is the defense mechanism of the body to fight against bacteria and microbes. In counteracting our body raises its temperature so with the high temperature the microbes won’t find it suitable to live or survive and eventually die. Fever can be intense or mild, there is no need to panic, keep trust in the process & trust nature, and let the body do its own healing work. Fever is a +ive sign of deep cleansing of toxins during a detox.

Headache: This is the most usual symptom that you may have experienced multiple times during your detox journey. Because toxins start moving through the head and our body gives us symptoms first there. With a headache, you get red eyes, buzzing ears, these are all symptoms and +ive sign that cleansing of toxins is in process.   

Hair & Nail Loss: Whenever we go to the detox mode the number of weak cells inside the body gets decomposed into the making of new cells, that’s the reason we see hair and nails loss at a time. Now you will observe more growth after all the weak cells get interchanged.

Itching and Rashes: Skin is the largest organ of our body and the body uses it as a medium to excrete toxins out of the body through sweat. So when you sweat excessively during a detox then the body is releasing toxins out from the body to make it refreshed. You may feel a lot of rashes and the feeling of itching on your body during this period. It’s a very common symptom and is not dangerous. 

Diarrhea: When the body speeds up the process to flush out maximum toxins at once then you may experience diarrhea. This is also the most common symptom of the detoxification cycle. Whenever you get exposed to diarrhea symptoms then realize that now the mass amount of toxins have been released out from the body and now soon you will be all clean.

Swelling and inflammation: To dilute acids our body is smart to store the water within. So as a high amount of toxins get, the body holds the same amount of water that’s why you observe some parts of the body get swelling and inflammation. You may have swelling on your old injuries and wounds. No need to worry, as it will diminish with time.    

General pain: You might feel pain in your muscles and joints as a reason for high-toxicity and high-acidic nature builds inside your system. The thing which is even shocking is some people often experience pain in the joints or body parts which have been injured in their childhood. That’s because old injuries haven’t yet been recovered fully and through the detox process the joints again start to recover from there. So it’s normal and it’s to your benefit.

Fatigue and weakness: During a detox diet our body utilizes its majority of energy to heal itself and eradicate the toxins, that’s why the body gives signals to the brain that keep the body in the rested state so the recovery can be done properly. Yes, detox takes a lot of energy. So the feeling of fatigue and weakness during the detox journey is a symptom and after your detox cycle gets completed you will be again full of power. You will never get the feel of dizziness again in your life.

Anxiety and depression: The body cells have a memory to store the incidents for a long period of time. As I have reminded you earlier that old injuries may rebound and can give you the same pain, the same way old emotional pain can also be felt twice because of depression and anxiety related to adrenal glands. The moment when the detoxification of the adrenal gland is in place then we do experience symptoms of anxiety and depression.      

Last Words

These are a few symptoms that I have experienced during my detox journey. It is highly dependent on the person whether you will experience the same symptoms or more. Everyone’s body is not identical and may respond differently to different happenings.

The motive of this article is to make you aware to not get scared of the symptoms but to celebrate that your body is exactly doing what detox is in real sense. This is just its way to go on CLEAN mode.    

Thanks for reading. If you like the information provided to you you may also check my Instagram profile for getting regularly updated on the topic of detoxification.

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