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Signs Your Body Needs a Detox

Modern science has introduced one term named as ‘disease’ to its most-favored name list whenever we get ill or develop any symptoms. Modern science and doctors termed it with the name of the disease and penalize it such that there is nothing worse than this. Like if you get a mild headache and go to the doctor he may say you are diagnosed with migraine, if excess mucus is formed through the nose then they term it as Cold, if body temperature gets spiked then fever. 

There is no fault in specifying the symptoms with the name it is called, but the problem begins when we term it as “disease”. Mild migraine, cold, fever, etc aren’t diseases but symptoms through which our body is trying to commute with us and letting us know its internal state, we need to be smart to listen to our body before anyone. It’s our duty to find out the root cause of the problem and fix it before anyone does it for us.

What we do in the opposite is we try to suppress symptoms in the short-term through ingesting medicines and injections, while this is needed to get you instant relief in the short-term but the medicine’s after-effects mess up your system in the long-run. You may get satisfied for a while by knowing that now your body is fine and showing no symptoms which can cause you discomfort. But in actuality, what you did is you have just put a tape on the body’s mouth and expect it to speak.    

That’s the reason I don’t use the word “disease” and instead use dis-ease. That means that our body is not at ease in this time, missing ease is dis-ease. Every symptom has one or other meaning and we need to find it out. And if you are an avid reader of my blog, then you may remember my article titled “Detox symptoms” in which I have clearly specified the different symptoms you may experience when the body is running its detoxification process. If you haven’t read it, I must request you to give it a read, and then you will clearly see my framed picture.

In nature, there is no existence of the ‘disease’. It’s just been embedded into your mind by modern science, and modern science works on our fear. They make us fear of symptoms and earn easy cash by giving an instant cure to your symptoms while ruining our overall health. But if I tell you that you are neither a patient nor you are diagnosed with any disease, will you believe me? I am skeptical about it!

The only way to really cure the symptoms in an effective and solid way is to get to the root cause and fix it from the beginning where it originated.

By the medium of this article, I want to show you how to captivate the signs and symptoms and get to know that it’s the right time for you to get to detox. Detox is indeed not a week thing and should be run yearly but everyone comes to a time when they reach the saturation point where there is no forward road, Our job with detox is to sustain and multiply your life.

But before that take a bird-eye- view on the symptoms portrayed by the body and identify it in the first shot so that it may not get acute or chronic with time.

1. Acidity and itchiness in the stomach: It is a visible sign that the body gives you, that it has become more toxic and acidic in nature. When the acidic pH inside the gut has over-passed the permissible limit. That’s when there is an urgent need for you to switch to an alkaline diet. If you experience this symptom more frequently, then it’s time to start the detox cycle.   

2. Skin Signs: If itching and rashes are frequent to you that means that also means that the body needs a serious detox. Skin is known to be the largest organ of our body and is more prone to represent the signs of the misshaping going inside the body. Although it is not at all harmful and instead helpful, it allows the body to discharge its waste through the glands. That’s the reason that you may experience rashes, dry skin, itchiness on the skin if the toxins get over-passed the limit and didn’t find another way to release other than skin. Inspect your situation and if needed start detoxification immediately.  

3. Constipation or Diarrhea: If you are diagnosed with constipation and diarrhea symptoms then it’s your body signaling there is something wrong inside the gut and the system needs an instant repair. You need to do a detox to wipe out the toxins that rot to the colon walls before it gets worse.

4. Regular sore throat and cold: Regular sore throat is an alert that you need a detox. And frequent cold and coughing is a sign that the body is producing mucus and discharging the waste. Which is actually a good sign. But we usually restrict the body’s natural process to remove the toxins out by ingesting a chemical-based tablet that diminishes the visibility of any symptoms. But after a while, you will experience exactly the same symptoms and now even with more intensity. The optimal way is to let it flow and turn to a detox cycle. Believe me, you will be good for years to come.

5. Pain in Joints: Toxins have a tendency to get amassed in the whole body and you can’t spot-reduce it by targeting it, same as fat-loss. But if you are experiencing joint pain in specific areas then it is a clear sign that inner toxins are aiming at your joints and making it uneasy for you to move around. If the detox hasn’t been done early then you are more prone to develop arthritis, which is a clear example in which symptoms turn to dis-ease. So if you are even having a mild pain then before it goes big and hampers your day-to-day activities run a detox cycle.

6. Cravings of complex carbs and sugar: Human body is made to digest simple form of foods like simple carbs, simple sugar but when you develop cravings to eat complex carbs, refined carbs, oily food then it halt your body processing unit by damaging your cells.  It is normal to satiate your cravings once in a while to enjoy life but when it becomes a regular thing, then one or the other day your body will tell you to STOP it and get on a DETOX.

7. Low in energy: The foods are eaten to only provide you the energy, but we modify it to taste it according to your likes. But if the same food works, in contrast, to extract the same energy and make you feel weak and tired then it’s the worst thing that happens to you. Oily food and that contain highly-processed ingredients make you feel lazy, strike a feeling of dizziness, and introduce toxins inside to your gut which is the thing you least wanted. If you are always on low-energy then it’s time to get off the items and run a detox cycle with ease.

8. Anxiety and depression: I always used to say that detox doesn’t mean in a single way but has its essence in multiple forms. If you are reluctant to regular anxiety and depression, you are in need of instant detox. It will hugely transform your mental state and make you feel more positive. Your body cells hold your past emotions, when you start detoxifying then the cells experience will improve and it will get recovered from the past trauma making your feel-good hormones a hike.   

9. Brain Fog: If you feel obscure about your thoughts then this might affect your memory, and you may find it extremely difficult to focus on as the usual way. It’s a clear cut sign that your body is full of toxins and you are in need of detoxification. I have a similar experience when I have started and after I have successfully completed my detox; I found a huge difference in distinguishing old memories with the fresh one thus making me more accountable to my thoughts.

10. Moles on skin: If you observe any visible signs of moles or warts onto the skin then it is an indication that your kidney isn’t functioning optimallyand using another medium like skin to throw out toxins outside the body. Because your body has been a hub of toxins and the body needs to somehow discharge it which isn’t possible by urinary tracts. That’s a thing to note.

Last Words

In conclusion, if you find any symptoms listed above into your personal findings then it’s a sign that your usual life will not go as usual if you keep continuing the old practices without detoxification. Make a quick switch at detox and live a life free of dis-ease. Thanks for staying this long, if you want to listen more from me and want the customized detox plan made for your needs then you may check my Instagram profile and DM me. I would be happy to help you. 

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