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Root Cause of Every Dis-ease

2 years before I started my detox journey, and since I was diagnosed with IBS I have used my gained experience to treat my symptoms in just 4 months. During the course of my education studying more about detox, I have also learned huge lessons from my respected mentor and the same I apply to help me and others to reverse the signs of dis-ease by simply changing the food we eat. 

Cause and Effect

Every effect has a subsidiarity cause, and until we understand that cause we can’t change its effects. Modern medicine doesn’t work on the cause but its effects and its whole game plan is to restrain the effects from showing up.

If at any moment, you stop ingesting the medicines you will observe the symptoms/effects will again reappear and that too with more intensity.

This ultimately means that taking medicine is not the right approach, and the optimal way to cure it is to attack straight to the root cause of effects, and finding out why health problems occur?  

Root Cause of Every Dis-ease

The major root cause of every dis-ease is the wrong food (or say unhealthy food). The time when we eat food which is not made for our body and nor our body made for that food, we feel indigestion in the most unusual way. This is a sign when the body starts inducing the visible symptoms that are caused by the toxins which are brought in by the substance eaten.  Do read my article on Foods to Avoid During Detox and Food is Medicine.

If that toxins quantity surpassed the permissible limit and start meddling with your joints and cause you pain then the doctor may say you have arthritis, if toxins get composed in the arteries then the doctor may say you a high/low blood pressure problem, if toxins get composed in the colon then colitis, if in the stomach then gastritis. Dis-ease could develop in different forms and show up in different areas of the body, but the reason for all will always be single- Toxicity. That’s why detoxification is the solution to every symptom which may turn it into a dis-ease in the near future if not cured effectively.

Why do Toxins build up?

There are two sides of chemistry: 1) acid side, and 2.) is the base side of the chemistry/ or alkaline side. Similarly, foods are also of two types one is acid ash forming food, and second is alkaline ash forming food, which means in layman terms that food may either be acidic or alkaline in nature.

We know that acid is corrosive, it is aggressive, kills, the higher we eat acidic ash forming food the sooner the body will become acidic and that hampers and damages the cell by producing excessive toxins.

On the other hand, alkaline is cool, and on the healthy side. Our human blood is slightly alkaline that’s why the body needs more alkaline-forming food to remain healthy and sustain for longer.

Last Words

So upon our observation, the root cause of every dis-ease can be found in our diet. Consuming more of acid ash forming food can really mess up the body’s purity. Yes, you could eat it once in a while and we are in no way promoting the strict diet because it is impossible to sustain, until you have great control on your senses. 

If you regularly eat the ash forming food then you may one day need to go on a detox either by your own will or by doctor’s prescription. Here is a list of foods that your must void and here is a list of food that you must eat for a healthy living.

Thanks for reading. To find more value on the topic, you can check out my Instagram page where I share my daily meals and information about detoxification.

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