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Prana Shakti of Foods

Every single thing has a prana shakti (‘Vital Energy’ in English) in itself.  Quantum physics defines vital energy as the complex of energy levels of mind, body, and spirit.  Everything which we see and consume is all energy in different forms. So the more prana shakti we have inside us the more we will be healthy, positive, and full of energy. On the opposite the less this energy will be in our bodies, the less we will feel excited and negativity encircles us.

You may have seen that the sick person gets low on energy and spirit, what it signifies is there Prana Shakti has been decreased. Similarly, when a person engulfed him into depression his body and mind get slack and this is also a sign of low Prana Shakti. So we must focus on filling ourselves with Prana Shakti, the more we have the more we may reflect.

Every food contains Prana Shakti and the fruits are the main item which is highest in it because it’s the single healthiest food on the planet that completely syncs with our body mechanism.

To match in sync and achieve the most extreme dream set by us, we need to eat only the food which is abundant in prana Shakti and when we are full of energy, we will feel more positive, and get the necessary power to get through the day.

Dead Foods Vs Living Food

Let’s take an example of tomato, tomato is a living food when you buy it raw from the supermarket it is full of prana Shakti and with time it’s Parana Shaki gets diminished. Especially when we cook it with our favorite dish and that’s when it turns from living food to dead food.

After cooking the Prana Shakti inside the tomato is completely off-roaded and when you will eat it, you may feel like you will get the needful energy but unfortunately, now tomato is turned into a dead food and couldn’t give you the vital energy needed, but only calories.   

How do you find the food is dead?

Experiment No. 1

There is a simple way to find it out, when you buy a tomato keep it up aside on the shelf. The normal shelf life of tomatoes is close to 5-6 days and after a time it starts to rot and gives a foul smell.

When it starts getting rotten that means it has lost its vital energy and is of no use. The fresher the food is the more energy it contains.

Next time when you buy tomato from the pantry, after cooking it as you used to cook, keep it on the shelf and you will observe that its shelf life is reduced from 5-6 days to 5-6 hours, thus upon cooking most of the value is burnt-off and the Prana Shakti has left the tomato.


By this experiment, we came to know that the life inside the tomato before it was cooked is now dead and left from the food. The same way the spirit left our bodies after we die. This is a major distinction between living food and cooked food, and also this is a premise of Prana Shakti.

Experiment No. 2

Take 2 potatoes, do the same thing but this time you have to boil one of the specimens (potato). Bury first boiled potato inside the ground and for the second potato bury it without boiling. Keep watering both the potatoes equally and keep it under the same environmental conditions.

After a while of the duration of 4-5 days, when you take them out from the ground, you will observe sprouts on the surface of one potato. Yes, the uncooked potato gets sprouted. And the cooked one is full of bad smell and is completely decayed.


This experiment shows that the prana Shakti inside the cooked potato is finished and it is dead. 

Last lines

Through this example, my motive is to remind you that Prana Shakti drives us all, and the more we want to live and feel the energy the more raw food we need to consume that provides us exactly what we wanted. Cooked or highly processed food is not good for the body and mind, that’s an established fact.

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