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Milk – A Slow Poison

Milk feeding is necessary for newborn calves 3-5 times/day because milk is very rich in fats and antibodies, that give adequate colostrum to protect a calf from diseases for the first three months of its life. But humans are the only species that drink milk throughout life, not human milk specifically but dairy milk of other pet animals. Else every living species on the planet earth leaves drinking milk after a certain age and doesn’t require it anytime in the future.

Drinking milk when you are an infant and leaving it after becoming a teenager is a natural instinct followed by all species.  But specifically, humans fail to follow this pattern. Nature only allows us to completely rely on the mother’s milk until the infant’s teeth don’t show up and after that, it’s time for us to shift to eating solid foods like fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. But because we as humans don’t stop drinking milk by other sources, we are prone to develop many diseases that are related and caused by drinking dairy.    

1. Protein: Regardless of how much good nutritional benefits you have read or listen about animal milk, but for adults, it only works to add toxins to the body and acts no less than slow-poison. Milk consumption leads to so many other health problems and one of which is diabetes.

Ideally, when you compare human milk with cow milk, you will find distinctive observations, human milk is high in carbs and low in protein whereas cow milk is high in protein that makes cow milk fundamentally wrong for us to consume. More acidic protein equals more toxins formed in the body. If we force-feed our children’s milk we are only inducing toxins to their bodies instead develop them a habit to eat more fruits.

2. Growth Hormone: You may have seen how fast the growth of the children happens if he is fed with cow milk powder formula because it contains HGH (Human Growth Hormone). You won’t find the same level of HGH in human milk, because the logic is simple and straight, the cow milk is made to turn a calf to an adult cow and human milk has all to turn a child to a man/woman. If you drink more cow milk your growth will largely increase. Bodybuilders do supplement HGH from drugs that give them size and strength, but for a normal person taking HGH more than required is always harmful and unnatural. Let yourself and your child grow naturally on fruit and vegetables (alkaline foods) and expect rapid growth.

3. Mucus Forming: Animal milk is mucus forming. It is a known fact that there is nothing that forms mucus inside your body more than animal milk and meat. That’s the reason when you drink more animal milk you start seeing more mucus get amassed and expelled out from the body through body openings. Yes, indeed animal milk is nutritious and there is no doubt in this, but the infant should only be sulking milk from its mother breasting glands, and only till the age when the mother’s body is producing milk. Otherwise, in the early age milk can intervene your child’s health by introducing more toxins and thus mucus formation.

Cow milk is high in protein, and protein is defined as? Chained amino acids and acids are corrosive according to chemistry, they destroy the cells, and produce toxins. So, any type of animal milk that we consume is sure to produce toxins in our bodies. It acts as a slow poison, slowly the toxins will build up in the body, and when the toxins get highly accumulated, they lead to show its symptoms, which are called Disease in modern medicine.


If you still crave milk and want to drink milk anyway, you can go for different types of plant-based milk like Almond Milk, Cashew Milk, coconut milk that is best to have. You can easily find recipes that teach you to make plant-based milkshakes. Use that as an alternative and enjoy the real benefit of milk.


Q. How do I get enough calcium if I would stop drinking milk?

Calcium is the most needed micro-nutrient to ensure the health of your joints but have you ever considered how the other strongest animals on the planet, like an elephant, the bull would get their portion of calcium being an herbivore. You have guessed right! By eating plants. The plant-based diet consists of all the nutrients that are required to complete a nutrient profile in a most healthy way. Don’t get perplexed that milk and calcium are connected and never be divided. You can always turn into a vegan and still be able to complete your calcium needs. Choose to eat raw food and you will get vitality in the most natural way.

Q. If I don’t drink milk does my bones get weaker?

Your bones aren’t so brittle that it would get weaker in a day and break. On the contrary, milk is the culprit to make them weak overtime, HOW? Milk is acidic in nature and when it gets digested inside our body then our body produces toxins and to balance the body to alkaline it needs more alkaline elements, and the most abundant alkaline element present in the body is calcium. Therefore, milk compels our body to extract more alkaline elements from the body to balance its pH that actually lead to weakened joints and bones. That’s the reason the people who eat foods that form high acid ash their joints start degrading with time. When you make a switch to become more vegan and eat raw foods you automatically help your bones to become stronger.    

Last Lines

In conclusion, milk acts as a slow poison and induces toxins inside our body, makes your joints weak, and does no good until you are an infant and drinks your mother’s milk only. Animal milk is in all ways hazardous to health over plant protein you can always rely on plant-milk if you have a strong possession to drink milk.

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