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Introduction to Detoxification


This blog post about detoxification will transform your outlook to see health and nutrition in a nutshell. Detoxification is the first and foremost step to ever start your health journey, this is the stepping stone from where you will realize how your body functions. This is the initial stage of detoxification where your physical and mental health both will transform and turn to take a leap forward to make you healthy and sound.   

My short story

Telling a little about myself, I had an IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) 2 years back in the past, in this syndrome the person’s digestive system gets at a halt and no food gets completely digested and processed, sooner or later the body excrete it without using it for energy. Due to this I tried to sleep 18-19 hours a day to refresh but still woke up feeling no energy left and in a state of agony, no matter how much I eat my body doesn’t accept the food anyhow and my flawed digestive tract is making me weaker and weaker day by day. A complete hell for me.

This syndrome has no cure or treatment in the allopathy medicine, but I haven’t stayed there and gone for Ayurvedic, homeopathy doctors but nothing works even after pouring my endless money and time into the treatment. During this time my body weight has seen a sharp decline from 75 kgs to 62 kgs, my muscle mass starts dropping rapidly and my immunity is in danger of diseases. I couldn’t think of travelling or staying outside because the motions were frequent and irregular.

Due to all this mis-happening going inside my body I became so weak and tired that I couldn’t stand and move as my energy cells got drained. As an effect, I started to lose hope of any good happening. Whenever we are tackling such a wrecking disease, then with physical strength we too need mental strength to go through the emotional imbalance. So I did, I take control back and take my full responsibility. 

From here my detox journey got started in the quest to find my good health. I started researching a cure in ‘naturopathy’ that is a form of alternative medicine that employs an array of pseudoscientific practices branded as “natural”, “non-invasive”, or promoting “self-healing”. Upon reading, I got to know about the importance of eating raw foods (veganism- A plant diet).

A plant diet is the only diet that has the most success rate of protecting our human body against any dis-ease, and it certainly can reduce your risk of deadly dis-eases, in my case IBS. This diet engages my attention, and I started diving deep into the veganism (detox diet) concept and way of living.

The biggest benefits I came around is detoxification which can help me to treat my IBS which any other medicine hasn’t promised me yet. As I found no way out I trusted the detox diet and gave it the time of 4 months, and it proves to be absolute magic in my case. I got healed and regained my emotional and physical wellbeing in months of time.

I got highly impressed with his detox diet and made it a mission to spread my words and detox healing to make others’ lives better, as it made mine.  

What is Detoxification

Detoxification (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, the toxic substance that is responsible to cause us most of the damage and became a cause of developing a dis-ease.

Detoxification is a most natural process that matches closely to human instinct and has the potential to reverse any deadly dis-ease may it be diabetes, low or high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even cancer. It truly tells us that food is medicine and not only a tasting substance, this process treats us without putting us on medicines that cost hefty nor tell us to overdose on any food/ chemical substance.

You may know that our human body is made up of 5 elements: Earth element, Water element, Air element (Breath), Fire element, and Space element (Emptiness within). Purifying these five elements of our being by detoxification and we will gain a balance and live a life with no worries. This tells us that detoxification is the natural and untold process towards gaining life balance that would put us in the right place .

Why to Detox

The need for detox arises from our own habits and actions, from a very young age we start eating foods which we term as healthy but they aren’t as we think they are. Like eggs, milk, rice, mearn wheat, pulses. We compulsively add it into our eating regime because the society, parents, books and health blogs have made us realize that it is the only way to health.

Whenever we eat acid ash forming foods toxins are formed in our body and with time we are giving a way to toxins to get settled in our gut and make us ill. Not just this when toxins get multiplied it gets amassed into arteries and clots the blood flow and raises the cholesterol problems, thyroid problems, cancer and more.

To flush all the toxins from the body caused due to highly-processed, oily or cooked food we do need to detox our body frequently. With the help of detoxification you can sanitize/cleanse your body and it can play an essential role for your physical and mental well-being.       

Benefits of Detoxification

If we give you a full guide on detoxification, then it needs us to write a full book to measure and capture all the components associated, but in this article I will give you gist of detox and my experience attached with it:

1. Remove toxins out of your body: Detoxification removes toxins, and it’s the most prominent benefits of it as we have discussed earlier. By this process the body cleanses itself from all the toxins that are inherited inside the system and helps damaged cells to regenerate and prosper in the most healthy way.

2. Boost your energy levels: If we do proper cleansing of our body through detoxification then our energy levels will get doubled or quadrupled. That will lead us to do more productive things, increase our focus and concentration and keep us recharged to get through daily activities.

3. Generate lots of love (Emotional Transformation): With proper detoxification, you will observe huge differences in your emotions. You will start feeling gratitude and start expressing a deep sense of love towards other sentient beings, animals, birds, nature. Your thoughts will change, that will lead to change in your actions. You will feel more positive about your existence.

4. Will reverse every dis-ease: Proper systematic detoxification process will reverse all your health problems, every symptom, dis-ease, before it even starts. If you follow a detox diet for a longer time, then benefits are endless. As there is no quick fix and detox is not a week thing and should be followed for months, and years to see positive results.

5. Anti Aging: With a proper detoxification process, you can even reverse your aging and turn out to look 10 years younger than your current age, your hair quality increases, skin appears to be more radiant that will make you feel good about yourself.

6. Maintain body balance: A well-designed detoxification program that includes good detox foods will balance every vitamin, mineral, in your body. You won’t need to supplement any additional capsules, and if you are taking any one of them, you can stop it anytime because your body will now attain a balance of everything and you don’t need any extra.

Detoxification sounds like a magical diet process, but there isn’t anything magical; it teaches us how the universe inside us works and de-links you from the unethical foods that introduce toxins to your body and make you ill.

This blog’s sole purpose is to make you learn more about detoxification, after reading our posts you will start believing in all the visionary advice that is given to you. This will work if you command this.

Who can do Detox?

Anybody can do a detox, if you have an appetite and want to go this way you can apply detox into your life. No minimum age required, yes you can put an infant to this process, infant also has toxins in his body due toxic body of mother. Don’t fear detox, it isn’t dangerous or has any side-effects to a person who is either healthy or aspire to be healthy.

For pregnant women it is most needed, also doctors would advise you to be more vegan these days and eat wholesome foods and fruits for your unborn child’s health. Bodybuilders or gym goers do need it, they are the ones who goes on a strict high-protein diet and gulp chicken breasts, egg whites and protein powder shakes 3-4 times a day, engulfing these foods on a regular basis increases the acidic nature of the body and to make it return to alkaline the detoxification is a need.

In males it increases the sperm quality, and in females detox helps you to conceive better. In teenagers who study or play any sports, detoxification will help you put more focus in the game and improve your vitality to perform better for years to come.

How to Detox?

Everybody tries their different & unique approach to get on a detox, the information I have been providing you is timely tested and applied by me first before putting it out to you. You won’t find it in any book and the chances if you do find it, then it would convey this process in some other manner. But the actual truth is, measuring detox for your true health is the most idealistic way of seeing it.   

There are several points of Detox you need to keep a watch on before applying it in your life:

  1. What to eat?
  2. What not to eat?
  3. How much to eat?
  4. How to eat?
  5. When to eat?

Let’s discuss these point by point:

  1. What to eat? During your detox journey you have to eat only that food which is made for your body, and which is in our instinct? The food which is found in natural habitat and is raw, without much cooking and adding flavours. For example, fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds we didn’t need cooking or put in extra effort to make it palatable. Vegetables like brinjal, bitter gourd can’t be eaten without preparation so you need to avoid these and move on to natural veggies which can be eaten straight like cucumber, tomato, lettuce. Design your detox food chart keeping these foods in mind.
  1. What not to eat? Below is a list of food items which we have to abstain from eating. These foods work like the trigger to introduce toxins inside our body, if you couldn’t stop yourself from eating them then your detox journey will fail badly.

What are those foods-

  • Animal meat, including eggs.
  • Any animal products like cheese, milk, ghee, butter etc
  • High Protein foods like pulses
  • Any type of grains and millet
  • Any cooked food.
  • Any processed, refined and packaged food.
  1. How much to eat? Don’t overeat and be a subconscious eater. Control your cravings to a single sitting and eat that much only which your body requires at a time. You shouldn’t be eating more than your capacity or get influenced by others’ eating patterns, but listen to your own body. The lesser quantity of food you eat in a single setting, the more it will be digested easily. Remember to eat only raw fruits and vegetables.  
  1. How to eat? When the food is in its raw form, because then only it has its complete nutrient profile. Upon cooking more than 80% of its nutrients get lost or mixed up with other additives. Don’t add any salt, or pepper and get it into your system directly in its 100% natural state from the plate.
  1. When to eat? Here comes the concept of fasting. I will come up with a detailed article on fasting but for now I will let you understand this crisply. Fasting is the willful refrainment from eating for a period of time. In a physiological context, fasting may refer to the metabolic status of a person who has not eaten overnight, or to the metabolic state achieved after complete digestion and absorption of a meal. You have to remain 14 hours in a fasting state during a detox. This way you can maintain a distance of minimum 10 hours between your meals. On a related note, you have to eat after sunrise and before sunset.

These are the only detox rules and guidelines that you have to follow strictly before starting your detox journey. Otherwise as a beginner you may counter some effects which we call as a healing crisis which are minimalistic in nature but still visible. Know more about the Healing Crisis here.

Levels of Detoxification

Detoxification has been completed in different levels, as no one starts walking just after a birth similarly you can’t be 100% exact when you left your old diet and jumped to this new approach of eating. You have to wait, keep patience and closely watch how your body is reacting and make considerably smart decisions to completely acclamatize yourself into this new life.

In the beginning you may experience some symptoms of a detoxification diet, like excess mucus formation, cough, loose motions and milk fever, but be calm there isn’t something wrong but it’s alright. These are only the signs that your body is optimally working to eliminate its waste and cleansing its system for new habitation. These symptoms are normal and are common.

However, to minimize the symptoms you have to follow detox step by step:

  • Level 1: Getting rid of all animal proteins and animal products like milk, meat, cheese, butter, even protein, sugars and starches (wheat and rice and all grains)
  • Level 2: Begin eating foods that include seeds, nuts, leafy greens, vegetables and fruits.
  • Level 3: Changing your diet to eating only raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Level 4: Shifting towards green smoothies and juices.
  • Level 5: Avoiding any type of green leafy veggies that needs preparation and staying only on fruits.


This is just an introduction to detoxification to make you aware of the process to follow for detoxification. You may consult us for preparing a customized and easy plan for you to follow. Anyway, always follow each level and never jump skipping levels in between.

Otherwise, you may experience slight inflammation if you start with straight Level 5. Then you have to bear the consequences to which your body reacts because of this uncertainty. Go with steps and your journey will be at ease.

Detoxification is an Art

Detoxification is simple, but couldn’t be simpler. Doing anything in your own, unique way is an art by itself. Therefore, you can find the detoxification diet from any source, but following it in a seamless and most tangible way to your body is an art.

How smooth will your experience on a detox journey really boil down to how much dedication, passion, faith, knowledge and patience you apply? You may have everything but if you lack the experience to effectively and easily apply solutions that you may only encounter if you had experienced in the past then you are more likely to make mistakes. That’s completely normal, be comfortable in being uncomfortable.

To master this art, you need to make use of all the above-mentioned things with the right mindset. Listen to your body, if sometime of an hour you won’t feel like eating an apple which your diet has mentioned. Then, you don’t need to say no to the body but say yes.

Detox diet isn’t the most strict diet and you can make it flexible if you don’t put on a cap of losing 5 kgs in 2 weeks. If you like you can include chicken soup as a cheat meal once in a while into your programme. These small treats will help you stick to the diet for a longer time and don’t feel like it is a burden to you.

Sometimes you have to stop, take a break so you can go a larger distance. And with a detox diet you will have to go a long way once you experience its benefits, I am assured of this.

Last Words

I hope this article has put some light on the introduction of detoxification, and you may have learned something about foods to eat and not to eat that goes a long way with you. You may learn more about detoxification and read my other article on the blog by subscribing to the newsletter.

Also checkout my Instagram profile: where I share regular posts on the topic and stay updated with my stories. 

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