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How to Know You are Detoxing

Finally, after much assessment, you have begun our detox journey, but how do you find out if your body is functioning well to cleanse toxins out of our system or not? Or you are on the right track? I always used to tell my people that first listen to your body then somebody else.

To really know if our body is detoxing or not, we first have to find the functioning level of the kidney that is responsible for flushing out toxins. That’s a step no. 1 listening to your body.

What do you need to do?

First thing in the morning, after you wake-up. Pee in the empty glass jar (specimen) and keep it untouched for a minimum of 8 hours. After the 8 hours look for the visible signs, do white sediments get amassed at the bottom of the jar or not?

If yes, then you got passed in the kidney test and your organ is functioning optimally to filter out all the body toxins and eliminating it through the defecation process. But if you find no traces of white sediments, then the problem persists and your kidney isn’t helping to keep your body toxin-free.         

This method might feel eww but it is the single most effective way to find out the status of your body’s natural cleansing process. Yes, we do excrete toxins from other ways, like through stool, but urine test is the main thing we need to keep a watch on. 

Why it is needed?

Many times it happens that our kidney doesn’t function to its full capacity and at the wrong time we move to a fully raw diet very fast.  Now by your this action the responsibility on the kidney further increases and it has to one or the other way spits out the toxins, now the kidney takes the help of the skin tissue.

Skin evacuates the waste products in the form of sweat through the sweat glands. Results to more visible acne or pimples on the skin. It’s because of your induction of a raw detox diet very fast when the kidney is at halt. But the symptoms are not life-threatening or dangerous.

The people who don’t have a knowledge of the detox diet fear it and claim the detox diet a culprit for their pimples. But really the main reason for this is your kidney ill-function not the detox diet. Diet is the cure, not the reason.      

Some important points to remember:

  1. Take in a note that the urine jar test would be checked only after the 8 hours before reaching to any conclusion.
  2. If possible, do this test early in the morning as the entire night our body is in the rest state and recuperate its system from toxins. So the morning sample has the highest possibility to be the most accurate.
  3. Take your urine samples often to find out if the kidney is recovering or not.

Last words

This test will let you see through your body. If after the 2 weeks of the test date you found out that your kidney isn’t still functioning and your toxins are making your health worse. Then it’s time to rely on herbs, which is another topic of discussion which I will tell you in detail in my future posts.  

This article’s motive is to let you know the method of “how to find the current state of your detoxification?”  In which the urine test is the ideal method to find out. Thanks for reading. If you like the information provided to you, try it out and let me know if the results are helpful? You may check my Instagram for getting regularly updated on the topic of detoxification.

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