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What is Detoxification?

Often the word detox may arise many questions in one’s mind. One common myth about detoxification people have is that; it is a diet. Let me first begin by clarifying, that, detoxification is NOT a diet but a lifestyle program.

Detoxification is a process that systematically identifies the root cause of any dis-ease and helps in curing the sickness by taking appropriate diet and botanical herbs while making some essential changes in the lifestyle.

How does detox plan work for an individual?

No two individuals are same, and hence unlike modern clinical treatments a detox plan will change from person to person. The intensity of the program depends on the individual as a person diagnosed with cancer will have a different plan than the person who feels bloated, constipated or simply tired.

We highly recommend a minimum of 12 – 14 weeks detox and regeneration program in order to have some healthy changes at the cellular level.

I am certified to evaluate your health conditions by understanding what the symptoms mean and what is the root cause of your illness.

In this two way consultation we will understand your lifestyle, dietary habits and symptoms and specifically design a course of detoxification to remove any obstacles to your healing.

Regeneration hence is guaranteed.

Let’s work together