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Health is Simple

Health is simple. This article will walk you through various components of health and I will try to keep it as short and crisp as I can.

Yes, you heard it right! Health is simple but modern science analogies and our perceptions make it complicated and complex. After reading this article, you will know the basics of health.

Let’s start!

Imagine an aquarium full of fish and those fishes are there for a long time. They live, eat and poop in the same 12 by 12 tank. If you don’t filter the water regularly after months then contaminated water may be the cause of the fish’s death residing inside the aquarium. Fish need oxygenated clean water for their habitation and survival.

Similarly, our body is our aquarium, and cells are fishes. Our cells also eat food, need the vital energy to function, release unwanted waste, and if that waste isn’t cleared after a time it gets amassed and dirty the pond (body). This dirt is called toxins. Toxins are the sole reason to hamper our health and cause dis-ease. If timely detoxification of cells isn’t done then toxins could multiply in number and may the body organs become a playground of fungus and bacteria. The more the pond (body) gets contaminated or becomes acidic due to more toxins, the more cells will degrade and immunity will get lessened overtime.

The thing to note here, If in one area more cells get damaged at an instant, then it can also form into cancer. Cancer cells are nothing but the abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably and have the ability to infiltrate and destroy normal body tissue. That leads to extreme symptoms and also to the formation of dis-ease.   

If we want to be healthy for lifetime, then we have to take care of our body whole-heartedly, detox regularly, flush out acidic fluids out, treat us with good fruits and vegetables and abstain from items and habits that again induce toxins inside the body. Therefore, early and regular detoxification can eliminate any dis-ease before it forms and is the key to successful health.

Now to do a detox, all you need to do is abstain from eating acid ash forming food and instead start consuming alkaline ash forming foods. The more you introduce alkaline ash forming foods in your diet the more it becomes easy for you to stick to detox foods and eventually without you realizing all the toxins will get out of your body in a seamless way. Do check out my articles on which foods are good for health and which foods causes health issues, you will have a clear idea of acid ash and alkaline ash forming foods.

This is the only and most elementary way to understand and prioritize health to keep you dis-ease free. 

Thanks for reading! I would welcome your feedback to this post, and if you may like to be regularly informed you can check my Instagram profile where I share my daily meals and information about detoxification.

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