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Foods to Avoid During Detox

Food is the fuel that runs our bodies. If the fuel of an engine gets contaminated, it leads to its malfunction in the short or in the long-run.

Like the petrol engine will only run on petrol and diesel engine only on diesel and not otherwise. The same goes for our body, the food we eat in the modern age is not made for our body nor our body is made for that food, and that’s the root cause of its failure and reason for developing diseases among people in such a teen-age.

Understand this, when the body experiences a bug it gives us the symptoms and we define the symptoms with the name of “Disease”. But I hate to term symptoms as a disease because there is no such thing as disease and it is yet to establish if the root cause of the symptoms won’t be concluded completely.

In fact, modern science medicines won’t work to cure a disease, it works for suppressing the visible symptoms and act as a quick-fix by ruining our future health. It makes us fall into a dilemma ‘we are alright now’ but what happens is after a while we again get exposed to the same problem. Does it happen to you?

What we do know is that only by fixing our eating and detoxifying our body from toxins on the regular intervals can only ensure our long-term health. Take a deeper look at items you can fix during a detox.

Which foods we should avoid during detox?

  1. Avoid Fats: The foods which are rich in fat slow down the detoxification and intervene with the body’s sugar metabolizing process. Our cells have an inherent ability to absorb fructose, and fat consumption through food slows it down. That’s the reason whenever you go on a detox diet then you have to be conscious to avoid food high in nutrient fat like avocado, coconut/ oil, olives, etc.     
  1. Avoid Tea and Coffee: Tea and coffee are a stimulant which acts to speed up the transmission process and is responsible to send instant signals and messages from the body parts to the brain. The regular consumption of these items agitates to bring your brain & body in the hyperactive state. This most of the time isn’t an optimal state to be in, it impedes your sleep and blood-pressure. That eventually put an extreme burden on your adrenals and liver. To reverse its effects only detoxification and quitting tea/coffee helps us to be set free from these furious stimulants and restart our body’s natural mechanisms. 
  1. Avoid vegetables: Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and must be part of every healthy diet, but it isn’t recommended while you are on a detox. Because regardless of the plus points of eating vegetables, the body still requires extra time and effort to digest it completely. If you are a novice and just begun your detox journey, then you can eat veggies but you may know that in the long-run vegetables aren’t the most recommended detox food to eat.   
  1. Avoid fermented Food: Fermentation is the chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeast, and fungus. This means now it has become a substance that is the playground of yeast and fungus, making it unfit for human consumption.  One of the prime reasons which make fermented food inappropriate is it entices high-acidity in the stomach thus passing-gas becomes a more frequent thing for you. So while on the detox journey, avoid eating fermented food as well.
  1. Avoid Cooked Food: Most of us are clueless about how the chemistry of food changes as soon as it sets on ablaze. The nutritional content of a raw item alters once it is cooked with flavoring agents and cooking oil. It may be pleasing to our taste-buds, but for our gut, it creates a highly acidic and toxic environment. If you are on a detox diet and still eating highly dressed food, it’s a reality check for you that you aren’t yet on a detox diet.
  1. Avoid animal products: Your canine teeth don’t make you a meat-eater. The meat we consume contains a high-degree of saturated fat and cholesterol that hasn’t been processed in our gut as good as it will in an animal gut. It would take a human at least 2 full days to digest meat. Thus the indigestible food rots in our intestines and produces toxins within our gut. So put a break to the animal products forever and especially when on a detox diet.
  1. Avoid Grains: Grains are full of gluten, and gluten is a silent killer. It activates zonulin and increases intestinal permeability in people with celiac disease. Gluten gets stick to the intestine and stays there for weeks and months to come, which invites parasites and fungus to disturb the inner lining of the stomach. It’s the key reason for tempting all diseases. As the phrase says, “The whiter the bread, the sooner you are dead.”  Thus all gluten foods like wheat, rice, oats, maida, are unfit for your detox journey.
  1. Avoid processed and refined food: Make sure the food labels that reflect terms like refined and processed, always abstain from eating those items as it is loaded with chemicals and preservatives that are keen to produce toxins. Avoid eating packaged food, refined sugar, refined salt, refined wheat flour. Refined and Processed = Unhealthy.
  1. Avoid High-calorie Foods: The foods that are calorie-dense aren’t good for the gut, it makes your detox journey slow and even gets detrimental for your health. Foods like paratha’s, pizza, deep-fried items all fall under this category. The more you eat low-calorie food the better the detox diet works, thus making your metabolism outperforms the inculcation of the toxin in the body.
  1. Avoid High-Protein Foods: Protein is essential to life and is the building block of your cells. However, your body doesn’t break protein directly to use, once a protein source reaches your stomach, hydrochloric acid, and enzymes called proteases break it down into smaller chains of amino acids. Some acidic amino acids are toxic in nature and consuming excess protein during your detox journey, indirectly infuses more toxins into your body.

Last Words

So here is a breakdown of a few selective foods that you must avoid if you want to be into a detoxification state without messing it up. I hope you get some knowledge out of this article to make simple tweaks into your current diet that puts you in the right place to sustain a healthy life.

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