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Food is Medicine

I always used to claim that modern medicine doesn’t have the credibility to fix the root cause of the problem but only helps to minimize the symptoms which are caused because of some internal disorders. The symptom is always not a disease which allopathy calls it, but in reality, the disease doesn’t exist, only symptoms exist that make you feel like you are ill.

The disease is the fear word that is used to define the symptoms, but really symptoms shouldn’t be considered as the final point. It’s just the beginning and can be cured if the root cause is addressed and eliminated. Don’t let your mind get influenced by fear. 

The most fatal disease like cancer, diabetes, heart attack isn’t fatal until not known and given the right treatment. Every symptom can be reversed and cured if detox has been done and the right food has been eaten. Foods that are rich in prana shakti. You must read my guide on Introduction to detoxification, before continuing to understand the core concept of me saying this.  

Is food can be only medicine?

Yes, food can be your only medicine, and wrong food can be the most fatal drug, we don’t need to consume any chemical drug to cure our dis-ease or early symptoms but switching to the right food will do most of the thing.

We don’t need to put any unnatural substance to cure us which is not in sync with our natural cycle, just switching from bad foods to detox foods can make the unbelievable thing happen. Do it at the right time, right quantity, and any dis-ease can be reversed.

If you want to have a view of foods that are unfit for your consumption and act as a slow-poison you can view it in detail in my previous article.  But this article is more focused on providing you the list of foods that are fit, and healthy for consumption and show a great effect in reversing any dis-ease in the long run.

Which 4 foods work as a medicine?

These are the 4 major types of food that can work as medicine to us and treat our dis-ease before any foreseeable symptoms. Apart from these, every food item produces acid ash to our body, but most of us are addicted to many acidic food items, and it’s not easy to get off them.

That’s why over the years the body has accommodated its kidney to overwork and pump toxins out of the body at a great number. But when these toxins can’t be handled by the kidney, then even the kidney stops functioning, and then it’s time to make a major switch to these detox superfoods.

1. Fruits: Fruits are the healthiest source of food on the planet and its nutritional benefits can anytime be compared with any other food you may consider healthy and it will always beat them. Foods were on earth before the existence of human beings and our ancestors had the first taste of it. Eating fruit is in our instinct and completely synchronizes to run our natural body system.

Most fruits are sweet in taste and are loved because of its sweet, tendering taste. Most people tend to prefer either fruits or veggies – not both. But we found out fruit is the most likable option among children, you just wash, peel, and eat. Also, the fruit is the first food that can be the most readily available and it also acts as an ultimate medicine. You will find the information about which food to eat and in how much quantity in my next article.

2. Veggies: After fruit the most nutritional and superfood is vegetables. For fruit lovers, there’s no easy road to broccoli but little tricks can lure fruit lovers to veggies. You can bring veggies into your life – but you should eat more of them raw without cooking.

Choose to eat vegetables that don’t require cooking – like carrot, cucumber, tomato, radish. But if you still find it difficult and unpleasant then choose to eat carrots with a drop of brown sugar, for example. Try adding vegetable juice and drink instead of eating them raw.

We have put Vegetables on the second number on our list because they too contain fiber, but they are comparatively harder to digest than fruits.

3. Greens leave: Green vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbage, fenugreek is a great healer and works as an amazing medicine. But we always insist you eat more fruits over vegetables. But if you are a vegetable lover, then don’t force yourself to eat more fruit if you don’t feel like it.

Lean into your strengths instead of pushing yourself to eat more bananas every month. However, kale and spinach are hard to digest in comparison to fruits and spill out fewer toxins, but overall it’s a healthy choice if you stick to basics. 

4. Seeds & Nuts: Seeds contain all the necessary starting nutrients that give life to a plant. Because of that, they are very nutritious. Seeds are also a rich source of fiber. They have monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and a lot of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

However, seeds are considered heavy food so if you want to overdo it then make sure you soak them in water overnight to make it softer and easier to digest, which again helps in the absorption of nutrients in a better manner. The fiber content in seeds also helps to minimize inflammation by cleaning the colon and omega-3 fatty acids and is essential to detoxify all liver functions.

Last Words

These 4 food items will help you reverse the symptoms and detox you at best. The one condition which exists is that you have to eat them raw otherwise with cooking all its nutritional benefits and vital energy got diminished and your superfood will turn into acidic food from alkaline food that we are already consuming and that’s the reason most of us need serious detox. 

Thanks for reading. If you want to know more, you may look to my Instagram profile where I share my daily meals and information about detoxification.

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